Bromeliad Care Instructions

Ideal indoor plants, the bromeliads have long continuing inflorescence, colorfulness, and adapts to its environment. Considering that the bromeliad plant don’t have widespread roots, fairly small pots are sufficient. These plants can mature to sizes of 28-36 inches in width.

The following bromeliad care instructions are relatively simple and easy to follow. With this information, your bromeliad should last much longer.

  1. Lighting
    Bromeliad plants love being in bright areas with indirect sunlight. An ideal spot is around the windows with blinds to obstruct the sunlight. Another good idea is to rotate it for even sunlight exposure.
  2. Watering
    Keeping the soil evenly moist is a necessity. Watering twice a week should be efficient and prevent the leaves from drying out.
  3. Temperature
    The temperature bromeliad plants can tolerate is actually a wide range; however, the ideal temperature range is 55F to 85F.
  4. Feeding
    If the bromeliad plant is placed inside the house, fertilization is not required. Only use about half of the application recommended by the manufacturers if fertilization is wanted.
  5. Blooming
    The bloom can last between 2 to 3 months. Also bromeliads do not re-bloom and instead will produce a ‘pup’ plant at the base that can grow into a new plant.

Keep in mind, that you should never use metal watering cans because the metal is toxic to a bromeliad plant and will kill them. Following these simple instructions with lighting, watering, temperature, feeding, and blooming can enhance the longevity of your bromeliad plants with minimum effort.

Types of Bromeliad Plants

What are the Types of Bromeliad Plants?